Human Resource Service

Manpower supply and headhunting in Nepal and Korea met

We supply excellent professional manpower to industrial sites in Korea. Based on the Korean branch of a reliable manpower supply company with a long history in Nepal, our main goal is to create synergies that benefit both companies and workers.

Unique human resource management system

Experience an innovative approach to workforce management by combining comprehensive labor law services with cost-effective supply fees. Our systems are designed to ensure maximum satisfaction for both users and operators, providing seamless and efficient solutions to meet your exact needs.

Connect your dreams and meet your needs

Our efforts extend beyond simply bridging the gap between talent and opportunity. By bringing together outstanding experts from Nepal to Korea, we promote mutual satisfaction and create a win-win situation for all parties involved. We will show you the innovative power of manpower relay service.

Resolving the labor shortage in rural Korea

Our vision goes beyond industrial sites. We want to solve the problem of labor shortage in rural areas in Korea by supplying agricultural manpower in Nepal. Through these joint efforts, Nepal’s rural labor force will acquire improved agricultural skills in Korea while solving labor problems facing Korean rural society.

Support Growth, Drive Success

Join us on this exciting adventure that empowers businesses, uplifts communities, and drives success around the world. Professionalism and dedication ensure a bright future for both the company and its workers.

Unlock new possibilities today!

Get in touch with our friendly team and explore the vast opportunities that await you. Discover how our state-of-the-art workforce management solutions can transform your business and take your aspirations to new heights.