The Biden government’s new asylum policy is Trump season 2

The Biden government’s new asylum policy is Trump season 2
  • Federal COVID-19 public health asylum ban lifted
  • Enforcement of the Asylum Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Act, which the Biden government has refined

As the Biden administration banned asylum applications for the reason of Corona 19, the Immigration Law Enforcement Decree, which was prepared for concern about large-scale refugees, inherited the Trump administration’s asylum policy and is virtually blocking asylum applications.

Title 42 of the federal public health law, which banned people from seeking asylum after crossing the U.S. border without permission, on the grounds of COVID-19, was lifted on the 11th.

‘Title 8’, the Biden administration’s amended immigration law asylum regulations, which entered into force on the same day, came out in line with the situation returning to the original immigration law regulations as the Corona 19 situation was over.

Title 42 of the federal public health law, from March 2020 on the grounds of a public health situation, if you cross the border and apply for asylum, in principle, you are not accepted and immediately sent out of the border. During this process, there were no disadvantages under the immigration law, so refugees crossed the border several times.

As the immigration law ’ title 8’, which began to be applied later, applies, refugees are banned from entering the country for five years if they are caught and deported while crossing the border, as before Corona 19.

There are ways to apply for asylum in the United States: ▲ Voluntarily submit an asylum application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) within the United States before the deportation trial ▲ Apply for asylum as a remedy for deportation at the deportation trial ▲ Unauthorized entrants caught at the border are in an emergency If you apply for asylum during the deportation review process, if you claim that you have been or are at risk of persecution in your home country for racial, religious, or political reasons, the asylum officer will review whether your claim is credible. receive

Title 8 of the Enforcement Decree of the Amended Asylum and Immigration Act applies to all non-Mexican nationals who enter the United States without permission through the Mexican border or sea, except for minors who cross the border alone.

According to the Enforcement Decree, to be able to apply for asylum after crossing the Mexican border ▲If you come to Mexico through a third country and cross the border, you must apply for asylum in the country you passed through first, and if your application is rejected ▲Before entering the United States Apply for an asylum interview by downloading an app called ‘CBD One’ of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) ▲ It is limited to cases where you have ‘applied for parole’ and received approval before entering the United States. Otherwise, they are considered ineligible to apply for asylum in the United States.

According to the American Hankook Ilbo, it is pointed out that the Biden government’s new immigration law enforcement decree is not realistic in the field. According to the enforcement decree, other Latin American countries through which asylum seekers pass before entering the United States do not have a proper asylum review process, and there is a risk of being kidnapped or raped during the lengthy asylum application process. Asylum applications through a dedicated app are also difficult to access and the number of people who can be reserved is extremely limited, raising questions about their effectiveness.

Jerry Ahn

Foreign Affairs Journal

16:08 May 18 2023

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