Charles III crowned with traditional rituals amid mixed reactions

Charles III crowned with traditional rituals amid mixed reactions

King Charles III was officially crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, the 6th.

The coronation, which shows medieval royal authority, culminated when he received the St. Edward’s Crown, an elaborate jewel-decorated pure gold helmet, sitting in a centuries-old oak chair with a ceremony to present a jewel, sword, and hall to the king.

King Charles III of England receives the crown of Saint Edward during a coronation at Westminster Abbey in London. (Photo=Andrew Matthews/Pool via AP)

On this day, Charles declared his promise to serve, accepting the title of the sure king of England, attended by world leaders, foreign dignitaries and celebrities.

Then, as the trumpet sounded in the medieval monastery, more than two thousand people enthusiastically shouted, “Save the king!” Outside, thousands of troops, hundreds of thousands of spectators, and countless protesters gathered.

It was an opportunity for many spectators to participate in the historic event, including campers who endured the bad weather. However, many people were indifferent and for them, this ritual did not inspire awe.

A small group of people advocating republicanism gathered in hundreds and shouted, “Not my king.” They perceive the monarchy as a system that maintains privilege and inequality in countries suffering from deepening poverty and weakening social ties. Some were arrested by police on the same day.

King Charles III of England, wearing an Imperial State Crown and holding a Sovereign Orb and Hall after a coronation in central London, leaves Westminster Abbey. (Photo=Ben Stansall/POOL via AP)

This magnificent transplant, which has lasted for over a thousand years, has consolidated the authority of the British monarch. Charles, who ascended the throne as the 40th monarch in the monastery on this day, ascended the throne at the age of 74 and set a record for the oldest.

Currently, the king of England has no administrative or political authority, and coronations are limited to purely ceremonial roles.

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15:36 May 08 2023

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